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Dosing and Storage

DigiFab® Digoxin Immune Fab (Ovine) dosing will vary according to the amount of digoxin to be neutralized. Follow these instructions to determine the proper amount for DigiFab® Digoxin Immune Fab (Ovine) dosing.1

Dosage: Acute Ingestion of Unknown Amount1

Dose (# of vials)

= 20 vials (800mg)

Monitor for volume overload in small (< 20 Kg) children.

Start with 10 vials followed by an additional 10 vials, if needed, to avoid a febrile reaction.

For patients presenting with life-threatening digitalis toxicity caused by an acute ingestion when neither a serum digitalis nor an estimated ingestion amount is available.1

Dosage: Toxicity During Chronic Therapy Without Serum Digoxin Level1

Dose (# of vials)

= 6 vials (240mg) in patients ≥ 20 Kg

Administer 6 vials of DigiFab® in Adults and Children ≥ 20 Kg.

Administer 1 vial of DigiFab® in Infants and Children < 20 Kg.

To reverse most cases of toxicity in adult patients who are in acute distress or for whom a serum digoxin concentration is not available.1

Dosage: Ingestion of Known Amount or Serum Digoxin Concentration1

Each vial of DigiFab® Digoxin Immune Fab (Ovine) contains 40 mg of purified digoxin-specific Fab, which will bind approximately 0.5 mg of digoxin.1

To calculate DigiFab® dose in number of vials, use either the known amount of digoxin ingested, or use the steady-state serum digoxin concentration to approximate the total number of vials for adult patients.

Calculation for Ingestion of Known Amount

Dose (# of vials)


Total digoxin body load (mg)*

0.5 mg/vial

Calculation Based on Steady-State Serum Digoxin Concentration

Dose (# of vials)


Serum digoxin concentration (ng/mL) X Weight (kg)


Suicidal ingestion may involve more than one drug. Toxic effects of other drugs or poisons should not be overlooked.

*Total body load for digoxin capsules is approximately equal to the amount ingested (in mg). For digoxin tablets, total body load is approximately equal to the amount ingested (in mg) multiplied by 0.8 (the bioavailability of tablet preparation).


The reconstituted product should be used promptly. If not used, it may be stored under refrigeration at 2° to 8°C (36° to 46°F) for up to 4 hours.1

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