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DIGIFab® is an Antidote for Digoxin Toxicity1-7

A proven antidote for digoxin toxicity with 20 years of clinical experience1-7



MHRA, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency; NPIS, National Poisons Information Service; RCEM, Royal College of Emergency Medicine; RCT, randomised controlled trial; FDA, US Food and Drug Administration. 

Potential Life-Saving Power of DIGIFab® 5,7,9


Rapid Resolution

DIGIFab® reduced free digoxin to
undetectable levels within 30 minutes
in 100% of individuals.*5

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Proven Results

DIGIFab® rapidly neutralises free digoxin to resolve
the cardiotoxic effects and other clinical manifestations
of life-threatening digoxin toxicity.3,5

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*Study was conducted in healthy participants (n = 8)  


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