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DIGIFab® Resolved Life-Threatening Digoxin Toxicity Within Hours

  • DIGIFab® rapidly neutralised free digoxin to resolve the cardiotoxic effects and other clinical manifestations of known (or strongly suspected) life-threatening digoxin toxicity.1,2

DIGIFab® rapidly neutralised free digoxin to undetectable levels1,2*


In this comparative pharmacokinetic study, 16 healthy subjects were administered 1 mg intravenous digoxin followed2 hours later by 30-minute infusion of an approximately equimolar neutralising dose of DIGIFab® (n=8) or Digibind® (digoxin immune fab) (n=8). Serum free digoxin levels were analysed at predetermined time intervals (0.5, 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, 22, and 46 hours after DIGIFab® administration).

DIGIFab® Rapidly Resolved the Cardiotoxic Effects and Other Clinical Manifestations of
Life-Threatening Digoxin Toxicity 1,2†


Serum free digoxin
 concentrations were
in all patients1**


ECG abnormalities
within 4 hours
in 67% of patients2


Complete resolution of
was achieved within: 
4 hours in 47% of patients
20 hours in 93% of patients

  • The most common adverse reactions (>7%) related to DIGIFab® administration were worsening congestive heart failure (13%), hypokalaemia (13%), and worsening atrial fibrillation (7%).1,2†

Results from a prospective, multicentre safety, efficacy, and pharmacokinetic study in patients presenting with life-threatening digoxin toxicity (n=15) conducted in the United States and Finland. Results were compared with historical data on Digibind®. Patients received doses of DIGIFab® based on its theoretical binding capacity for digoxin and based on the known amount of digoxin ingested or on blood concentrations of digoxin at the time of admission.

**Serum free digoxin concentrations were measured at the end of DIGIFab® infusion (30 minutes in duration).


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